Aspects of Developmental Editing in PhD Thesis and Their Usage

A PhD thesis is a huge task, so getting it right is crucial. You also need to make sure that your work is extremely organised and clear. That’s where developmental editing in PhD thesis comes in. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the different parts of developmental editing for PhD theses and how… Read More »

Common Problems of PhD thesis Editing in India and Their Solutions

Editing a PhD thesis involves refining the document for clarity, coherence, and adherence to academic standards. This process includes correcting grammar and punctuation, ensuring accurate citations, and maintaining a consistent writing style. A skilled editor plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall quality and impact of the research. Editing a PhD thesis in India… Read More »

Handy tools for Citation and Referencing

Citation and referencing are crucial parts of your dissertation. If you do the citation or referencing incorrectly, it can even lead to your dissertation getting rejected. But there is no need for you to worry! Read on to know the handy tools for citation and referencing. BibMe BibMe provides an easy method of building a… Read More »

Freelancing has a long way to go!

As compared to most other professions, freelancing does not receive the same amount of individual interest or passion. Even in this advanced and technology-savvy world, freelancing is considered to be the last resort of sorts for professionals. Everyone wants to be an engineer or a doctor, but no one dreams to be a freelancer. The… Read More »

The Benefits of Mentoring

The most important link between a mentor and a mentee is trust. A mentor is anyone who can be trusted to provide experienced and detailed advice to the mentee. In short, a mentor is any person who has the experience and provides guidance and assistance to a less-experienced person. Mentoring is the partnership and trust… Read More »

Why your documents need proofreading?

To produce high-quality scholarly and academic documents, effective proofreading is of immense importance. If done cautiously, thoroughly and correctly, proofreading can ensure proper communication with the intended reader. Errors and mistakes result in imperfection and convey negligence. Students should understand the need of proofreading their academic documents for multiple reasons: Firstly, a proofreader brings a… Read More »

My new ray of hope SfASE-Stacey McBain

Working from the comfort of my home has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience for me. I began my career as an English trainer. I also tutored and staffed a few online labs. I thoroughly enjoyed both my jobs, but, the schedule wasn’t flexible enough, and I couldn’t dedicate myself to the… Read More »