Handy tools for Citation and Referencing

By | October 7, 2016

Citation and referencing are crucial parts of your dissertation. If you do the citation or referencing incorrectly, it can even lead to your dissertation getting rejected. But there is no need for you to worry! Read on to know the handy tools for citation and referencing.

BibMe provides an easy method of building a works cited page and guess what it is absolutely free. You just need paying for a pro account for saving your bibliographies. This fully automatic bibliography makers auto-fills and extremely easy to use! You simply need searching for a film, website, article or book or enter the information yourself. Now you can continue through adding it to your bibliography and cite to build your works. You can download your bibliography in Chicago, APA and MLA format.

Citation Machine
It helps professional researchers and research scholars for ideally crediting information that they utilize. The key goal of this machine is making it extremely easy for researchers for citing their information sources. But just like BibMe, if you wish to save your bibliographies, you will require paying for a pro account.

Cite This For Me
Cite This For Me permits research scholars for automatically creating website citations in Harvard, Chicago, MLA or APA referencing styles with the simple click of their mouse. You simply require browsing to the page you want to cite and click the button for generating the right formatted citation. You can then easily copy and paste the citation into your assignment or you can also ensure adding it to your online bibliography to it safe for later use. The citation program is also available with a Google Chrome extension.

Published in Switzerland, it is a reference manager and task planning program for Windows. The free version of this program is limited to approximately 100 references for each project. This is the reason it is perfect for research scholars. Moreover, it perfectly integrates with Word and Chrome.

Using this program, you can effectively cite your work in Chicago, MLA or APA style without leaving your homepage. You can then download your bibliography or create an account and save it for using it at a later date. Your bibliography will be kept safety till you keep visiting the website. But if you remain inactive for four days at length, your citations may get deleted.

Use any of the aforementioned handy tools and ensure great citation and referencing!

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