Are you looking for second set of eyes for your document?

By | January 8, 2018

The scholar document that you just wrote is brilliant. It’s the first thing that all of you scholars out there think. But are you sure that you are 100% right? Are you certain you have communicated all that you wanted to? Or you are bit blinded by your own intelligence? There are times when you have blinders on and when you reread your document you miss out on some important things, these things can be as small as grammatical errors or as complex as the flow of information. Second set of eyes looking over your document is always valuable.

Editors can catch mistakes, double check source and information, proofread, rephrase, and simplify the chapters that you have drafted. There might be sentence some parts that you are not happy with the, but you are not sure how to effectively make changes and fix things that are incorrect. This is the time that you require a professional editor to review your work and get some genuine feedback.

Usually the first draft of your work is the rough sketch. It is the outline that can help you to get the refined article. Presenting the first draft to the editor is a bad idea, it needs at least two more revisions. If you opt for self-editing it is quite possible that your brain automatically fills the gaps as your brain clearly understand what you were trying to say. The best option is to present the document to the editor.

A professional editor will help you catch errors that are not so obvious to others. They also won’t shy away from critiquing your work. Handing over the proofreading aspect will not only save your precious time but also save your energy. The editor will also keep in mind the quality of writing and flow of content. It will be analysed sentence by sentence and will fix the structure of the sentence in terms of voice, tone, style and format if necessary.

The editor is also responsible to check all the citation and verify what was quoted and where it was quoted. They also verify the consistence which gives logic to your writing. There are some elements that are missing in your document which goes unnoticed by you but not by the editor. A good editor will guide you till the end and will make sure that your writing will make a difference.

So, it’s time to develop your documents and get them edited by best professional in your field who are versatile and will help you to perfect your writing.

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