Freelancing has a long way to go!

By | June 6, 2016

As compared to most other professions, freelancing does not receive the same amount of individual interest or passion. Even in this advanced and technology-savvy world, freelancing is considered to be the last resort of sorts for professionals. Everyone wants to be an engineer or a doctor, but no one dreams to be a freelancer. The term itself does not evoke the same grandeur as some other professions. However, things have been changing with the turn of the millennium. Several people have appreciated the idea of freelancing, which is not always defined as working from the comfort of your home, as a career. Freelancing, if there ever was an apt definition for it, can be explained as working on your own terms and at your own time. Freelancing provides freedom from the daily 9-to-5 routine.

To facilitate this process, the Society for Asian Science Editors (SfASE) has been at the forefront for their Asian editorial brethren. SfASE is providing a common platform for Asian editors to come together and provide/receive assistance. There are several advantages for scholars using the SfASE platform. You have the freedom to choose your editor. The work is always delivered within the deadlines. Documents are assured with zero errors. There will be comprehensive and regular interaction with the clients regarding the works in progress.

Even editors can exploit the SfASE platform to their advantage. This platform provides assistance to editors in finding work along with providing training and growth opportunities. Other editors and peers using this platform can use it for networking throughout the world. The platform instills professionalism and assists in acquiring new skills concerning editing and its future.

The SfASE Web site provides an easy-to-use and advanced platform for all your editorial needs, be it for a scholar or an editor. You can register for an account and avail the comprehensive services at the click of a few buttons. An in-depth FAQ section answers questions that have frequently been asked. You can visit us at www. or we can be contacted at and

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