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SfASE was established with an aim to provide professional editors an opportunity to associate with fellow editors, acquire new skills and get new clients. SfASE conducts conferences for editors on latest in scientific and academic editing.

SfASE - Community of Asian Science Editors

Testing At SfASE, the editorial community comprises of professional editors and proofreaders from Asia, who have studied and worked with English as their first language. SfASE is a community project where-in the objective is to bring all science and academic language editors together. As a community, editors understand new and upcoming trends in research and collaborate for benefit. SfASE (Society for Asian Scientific Editors) certified editors have successfully passed their initial test of edit and proofreading. SfASE also brings in a platform to showcase individual profile and ratings received from clients for manuscript editing or other academic editing projects undertaken. Clients interested in getting their thesis, dissertation or journal articles edited can search for the most suitable editors and assign them tasks through the website.

The benefits of joining Society for Asian Science Editors as an editor are numerous, some of them are listed below:

  • Opportunity to get trained as an academic and scientific writer
  • Work on a transparent platform and get hired for new and interesting editing projects
  • Attend workshops, lectures & conferences
  • Interact and network with fellow members

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make any payment for becoming member with SfASE?

No, we do not charge anything from present or potential editors. You can become a member for free to network with peers and scholars globally.

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About Society for Asian Scientific Editors - SfASE

Society for Asian Science Editors (SfASE) is a not for profit initiative where all scientific and freelance academic editors e-meet and collaborate.SfASE has been set-up with the sole objective of helping science advance by removing language barriers. Many scientists and scholars face issue with writing their manuscripts due and face rejections due to the same. Hire Scientific Editors at SfASE which provides access to the best, well-trained and experienced scientific editors at affordable costs. Editors advance their knowledge and collaborate to keep themselves abreast with the latest in the field of academic and science publishing. Documents like research work, thesis, proposals of research, journal articles, white papers, project works and more are edited and proofread by professional editors to provide language error free content. Scholars are benefited as they get the freedom to choose their editors from the panel of society for asian scientific editors.

Freelance academic editors are provided with ample opportunities to intensify their skills at Society for Asian Science Editors. Regular training sessions are held for academic and scientific editing. SfASE also provides an open platform wherein they get work from scholars across the globe through a transparent process. Interacting with scholars on a regular basis and acquiring information about their particular needs enables editors to perform the desired task efficiently.

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