The Benefits of Mentoring

By | June 6, 2016

The most important link between a mentor and a mentee is trust. A mentor is anyone who can be trusted to provide experienced and detailed advice to the mentee. In short, a mentor is any person who has the experience and provides guidance and assistance to a less-experienced person. Mentoring is the partnership and trust that exists between two people, the mentor and the mentee. There are several direct and indirect benefits of mentoring. We will try and enumerate a few of the benefits below:

The mentor’s experience is shared with the mentee
It improves the comprehension and relationship skills of the mentor
The instructor’s sense of self-worth is enhanced through sharing of knowledge
The guide might gain a deeper understanding of the subject and the organization in the process
The mentor’s career might get bolstered
It might even provide an overall satisfaction to the mentor
The mentee’s self-confidence considerably improves
The mentee might get a better grip on his/her career
It improves the mentee’s ability to speak up and also to be heard during any information exchange process
It makes the mentee more acceptable to suggestions
It might provide the mentee with a leadership role skillset
If the mentee is guided in a positive environment, it sparks his/her want to become a mentor in the future
The mentor acts as a future reference/contact

In fact, it is understood that a mentoring program is helpful not only for the mentor and mentee but also for the department and organization at large. The mentoring process has an inherent ability to facilitate coalitions within departments and better inter- and intra-departmental communication. Overall, the mentoring process can help in a quicker induction of newer staff members. It also appeals to the individual to improve performances in a collaborative setting. Furthermore, it encourages the individual to develop his/her commitment to the organization.

All in all, the mentoring process can provide a setting to improve job satisfaction considerably in the team as a whole, which can reduce the attrition rate in organizations.

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