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Sadia Gul Afroze

India India

Member since : Nov, 2020

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$ 20 /hr

Last Login | 15 Dec, 2020 15:18


Editing + Proofreading



I am a freelance copy editor specializing in copy editing and proofreading of academic manuscripts such as scientific journal articles, review articles, case studies, abstracts, dissertations, Ph.D theses, cover letters, manuals, and website content. I offer services such as copy editing, content editing and proofreading. As a researcher, I have published two scientific articles in peer reviewed and scholarly journals and have presented posters during my tenure as a researcher. As a copy editor, I have edited articles related to life sciences and medical sciences. My expertise include but not limited to therapeutic drug management, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals and related subjects; biological sciences and related subjects; environmental sciences and related subjects; clinical research; food science and related subjects, health sciences, veterinary sciences; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; and many more. Based on the requirement, I perform light, medium, or heavy edit and follow American or British convention. I can follow various editing styles such as CMS and APA based on the requirement. I strictly follow the deadline and can edit 1000 words per day. Thank you for your time in going through my profile. I look forward to collaborating with you.