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How it works

SfASE was established with an aim to provide professional editors an opportunity to associate with fellow editors, acquire new skills and get more clients.

Editorial Community

At SfASE, the editorial community comprises of professional editors and proofreader from Asia, who are experienced and skilled in their respective fields. They work punctiliously to make each scholar's document impressive by providing quality editing and proofreading services. Editors and proofreaders are assigned work by scholars from all over the world. Being a direct platform, the editors at SfASE caters to each scholar's particular needs and makes their respective content error free.

The benefits of joining Society for Asian Science Editors as an editor are numerous, some of them are listed below:

  • Opportunity to train as an academic and scientific writer
  • Work on a transparent platform
  • Attend workshops, lectures & conferences
  • Interact and network with fellow members

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make any payment for becoming member with SfASE?

No, we do not charge anything from present or potential editors. You can become a member for free to network with scholars globally.

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About SfASE

Society for Asian Science Editors (SfASE) is the primary platform wherein scholars and editors meet to exchange work. The scholars are assisted by freelance scientific editors in getting their work done in a hustle free manner as they get to discuss specific requirements of their projects. Documents like research work, thesis, proposals of research, journal articles, white papers, project works and more are edited and proofread by professional editors to provide error free content. Scholars are benefited as they get the freedom to choose their editors from the panel of society for asian scientific editors.

Editors are provided with ample opportunities to intensify their skills at Society for Asian Science Editors. Regular training sessions are held for academic and scientific editing. SfASE also provides an open platform wherein they get work from scholars across globe through a transparent process. Interacting with scholars on a regular basis and acquiring information about their particular needs enables editors to perform the desired task efficiently.


Post Editing…

Once the scholar hire scientific editors and submits the document to the editor at SfASE, he can be assured of the work quality as qualified and experienced editors are on board. Post editing the document is free of language & grammatical issues, spelling mistakes, typo errors and plagiarism. Whereas, the document includes accurate citation style, proper use of vocabulary and appropriate graphical presentations post editing.

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